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Key Facts

  • This is a picture of me with my friend's wolf.

  • I was once in a band that inspired my novelThe Secret Sugar Daddies. We were called The Pumps, and we used to wear tank tops with splotches of red paint on the chest to show that our hearts had been torn out. But we were lovely girls.

  • I quit the band after a year, and I wish I had been more gracious about it. 

  • I'm a native Chicagoan (hence that hat), and my husband makes fun of me for saying things like "over by the Jewel there."

  • The Catcher in the Rye made me want to write, but really it was Stephen King.

  • I have a cat named Jason Priestly, but I'm more of a Luke Perry kind of girl.

  • The wolf isn't real. 


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