When Brandon Met Dylan

Season 1, Episode 2

You can't even choose, but you don't have to! They're a package!

Brandon met Dylan** in a school computer lab, obviously. So Brian Austin Greene's dorky blonde friend-- does that kid accidentally shoot himself at some point in the series?-- is designing a floor plan for the dance club of his dreams. In the floor plan there is a room for a tech class (what a nerd!). Brandon admires this floor plan because he is, in general, a very encouraging person. If you're sitting at a computer working hard, he will definitely come up behind you, lean in with a smile, and clap your shoulder.

A couple of tough guys come in and give blondie shit for having dreams. Brandon's like, "Whoa, bad news" in his head, but then here comes Dylan, out of the shadows, like a projection of the kind of person Brandon would like to be if he weren't SO GOOD. God, it's all becoming so clear now. Brandon and Dylan complimented each other so hard. They would have made a super hot couple. Dylan would have stood up for their gayness like the straightest white guy ever.

Anyway, Dylan ends up telling the bad guys, in his very "I don't have time for teenagers" rasp, that he's NOT IN A GOOD MOOD. And you know what? It works. The tough guys are like, We're outta here, we know what happens when Dylan's in a bad mood. Brandon and the blonde friend watch him disappear into the horizon like he's Clint Eastwood-- which he IS-- and Brandon says something like, "Cool friend you got there," and Blondie's like, "I've never seen him in my life."


**Technically Brandon hasn't met Dylan yet, that doesn't happen until later when Brandon finds him sitting alone on some school stairs outside, deep in thought, maybe reading Byron because seriously, later on Brandon finds a book of Byron poems in Dylan's convertible. Fuck yes.

Lord Byron, Dylan's Inspo

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