Potter's Pain

Season 1, Episode 3

WTF, James Eckhouse?

So Carol Potter is having a super hard time adjusting to life in Beverly Hills 90210. Especially because her husband has inexplicably hired a native Spanish speaker to come clean her house.

What does she need a Mexican cleaning lady for when she has so much time to select the thick jeans she'll wear while gardening? Sure, she needed help back in Minnesota, but that's when she had a life! She had some kind of job, she had friends, she had a MORE FAMILY-ORIENTED ZIP CODE.

Well you know what? Carol Potter's not the type to let a non-English speaker get her down. She just starts helping Anna Rodriguez with the cleaning. She offers her coffee, a word the cleaning lady doesn't understand until Carol shows her the pot. "I call this Potter's pot," she says. J/K.

And you know what else? It's good Carol Potter's home so much because when Brenda comes home from school with her mischievous new friend --who is actually Kelly's old best friend IT'S A LONG STORY MOM--she can be on top of that shit. Mrs. Walsh is learning that these Beverly Hills kids are fucking rich, James Eckhouse, and therefore they don't respect married couples in their late 40s who are trying to raise Brenda and Brandon. They don't want your after-school snacks, man.

Meanwhile, Brandon got a job at a restaurant which, little does he know, will provide him with the training he needs to fucking OWN The Peach Pit.

And Brenda's finding ways to make her K-Mart wardrobe work because she doesn't have plastic.

Don't worry Carol Potter. Your husband may have a fancy new job with LOTS of papers to hand to his secretary, but YOU have what I like to call "Potter's Panache." See below.

Potter's Panache

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